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The Story of the Middle Ages

by Christine Miller

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: The Story of the Middle Ages by Christine Miller. Paperback, 353 pages. $27.95. Published by Nothing New Press. Please support by buying this book from our Christian Book Distributors link.

Christine Miller, homeschooling mother and classical Christian education leader, combined two H.A. Guerber books (The Story of Old France and The Story of the English), material from Charlotte Yonge's history storybooks of the 1800's, and material drawn from her own research to write The Story of the Middle Ages.

The book begins with history of Europe, early inhabitants of England and the Gauls. Prehistoric people are briefly mentioned, and then the story moves on to include a history of Julius Caesar and the Roman occupation and influence on the area. Details of the barbaric tribes and the effect of the fall of the Roman Empire on Europe follow, and then the story of the Middle Ages begins.

About one hundred forty chapters tell the story of rulers, wars, society, faith, and legend in the Middle Ages from 476 A.D. to 1485 A.D. Tremendous detail is provided with many names, places, and battles presented. The book explores the role of the Church and the Christian influence upon the figures throughout history, and it shares legends that relate to history, positive qualities of personalities, and faith. Good people appear as heroes, while evil ones are vilified.

As in the other books that Christine Miller publishes, The Story of the Middle Ages has short chapters, allowing for easier study of a complex period. Black and white illustrations and maps appear frequently. A list of living books recommended by Mrs. Miller for the era, a lengthy timeline, a bibliography, and an index appear in the back.

Recommendation: The Story of the Middle Ages, a long book with a huge amount of details, could easily be used as a spine for the entire family's history studies. It overlaps The Story of the Romans, but the review could be good, and the focus is slightly different, being written from non-Roman point of view. As with the other books Christine Miller publishes, this book is written from a Christian perspective, making it ideally suited for those who choose to teach using the Christian Trivium rather than just the classical approach. resources related to this review:'s History Resources Section for ideas, links, living books, and more!
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