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State: The Facts
A Guide to Studying Your State

by Mary Ellen Tedrow

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: State: The Facts by Mary Ellen Tedrow. Workbook format reviewed: Paperback, 58 pages, $13.95. Available from Laurelwood Books.

Mary Ellen Tedrow, a homeschooling veteran, wrote State: The Facts as a fun unit study that can be customized for any state. This curriculum may be purchased as a non-reproducible workbook or may be downloaded as an e-book.

State: The Facts is laid out with questions posed and many lines to answer them. Almost every question imaginable is inclusde, and students are told that not every one need be answered, but "The more you do, the more you will have learned." Topics include state government and officials; famous people from the state; history; attractions; nature; industry; weather; and geography. The book concludes with a basic overview of the United States, resources for study, and suggestions for field trips. Bible verses appear on many of the pages.

The recommended level of study for State: The Facts is fourth to sixth grade, but this unit study could easily be adapted to other grade levels. It could also be used as a guideline for oral studies during family time.

Recommendation: State: The Facts is easy-to-follow and very thorough. Mrs. Tedrow has packed enough possibilities into this workbook to interest everyone in the family. The flexibility of this program makes it a good value. resources related to this review:'s Geography Section for interesting ideas and resources!
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