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Secret Keeper and
The Delicate Power of Modesty

by Dannah Gresh

Reviewed by Carly Robinson

Purchase details: Secret Keeper, The Delicate Power of Modesty by Dannah Gresh. Paperback, 96 pages, $9.99. Published by Moody Publishers. Please support by buying these books using our Christian Book Distributors link or our Amazon link.

Have you ever thought, "What's wrong with trendy clothes? Isn't it the guy's problem if he's tempted by my looks?" Author Dannah Gresh answers these questions and more in Secret Keeper; The Delicate Power of Modesty. She explains that every woman possesses a formidable power: the power of modesty. But, she says, with this power comes a large responsibility - to make certain that we keep our precious gift of femininity for one man only - our future husband. Using Bible references and personal wisdom to back her advice, she tells young women in a friendly, girl-to-girl style to stay pure until marriage. She stresses that God loves every person, and even if that person has made a serious mistake regarding purity, she can still come before God, be forgiven, and start fresh.

Recommendation: Secret Keeper is a treasure-trove of helpful information for girls! Mrs. Gresh's down-to-earth, chatty writing style will appeal to all young women, and her popular "Truth or Bare?" fashion tests will help girls determine if an outfit is modest or not. The Secret Keeper will help teen girls set goals for a more modest lifestyle, even if they have already made a mistake in their life. resources related to this review:'s Home and Life Management Section
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