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Secret Diary Unlocked and
An 8-Week Companion Guide

by Suzy Weibel

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Secret Diary Unlocked by Suzy Weibel. Paperback, 160 pages, $11.99, and Secret Diary Unlocked, An 8-Week Companion Guide, 96 pages, $7.99. Published by Moody Publishers. Please support by buying these books using our Christian Book Distributors links (above) or our Amazon links for Secret Diary Unlocked and the Companion Guide.

Suzy Weibel reveals the girl she once was and the woman of God she became in Secret Diary Unlocked. While going through her childhood memorabilia, she found the diary she kept as a 13-year-old, seventh grader in 1979. Using her life as an example, Mrs. Weibel shows young girls of today that, while times have changed, girls have not!

Using her diary's perspective and notes from girls whom she has taught during seminars, Mrs. Wiebel illustrates the common issues of this age-range: obsession with boys, back-biting, turning on friends, rebellion, and self-esteem problems. The author acknowledges the feelings of girls and offers sensible and Godly alternatives in each chapter's "God's Diary" section. Then readers are given the chance to write their thoughts on the "My Struggle" pages.

An 8-Week Companion Guide

The Companion Guide includes instructions and ideas for using Secret Diary in a youth group environment. Using games, movies, and music, the girls work through issues, discuss their personal situations, and move closer to Christ and each other. Mrs. Weibel encourages leaders to bring in role model women as examples of what girls can be! Preparation will be required on the group leader's part, but the roadmap is clear and easy to follow.

Recommendation: Secret Diary Unlocked addresses many of the issues that are common in both public and Christian schools. As a homeschooler, my daughter was unable to relate to the cattyness brought up in this book. For those who are being exposed to these behaviors, Secret Diary Unlocked can assure them that they are not alone and provide them with ideas for moving onto Christ's path.

I hope that parents who find the situations really happening in their children's lives will consider moving them out of negative environments where these behaviors grow (even if that is youth group)! Avoiding such nonsense is one of the many benefits of homeschooling! resources related to this review:'s Home and Life Management Section
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