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Roots of English: Latin and Greek Roots for Beginners

by Paul O'Brien

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Roots of English: Latin and Greek Roots for Beginners by Paul O'Brien. Published by Memoria Press.

Roots of English, Latin and Greek Roots for Beginners was written as a supplement to Latina Christiana I with the Latin roots corresponding to Latina Christiana I lessons. The book could be used as a stand-alone root study program.

Each lesson presents several sets of Greek and Latin words and ends with a review quiz. A coded system shows whether the word parts introduced are a suffix, prefix, or root (defined as the main part of the word.) In the heart of the lesson, the author systematically explains his points and reinforces his teaching with simple fill-in-the-blank exercises. "Moving to Altoon," a fun, fill-in-the-blank story about aliens, lets students apply the new words they have learned. Eight Context Quizzes offer review throughout the twenty-five lessons.

The book ends with a number of lists of the words, suffixes, prefixes, and roots learned and an answer key.

Recommendation: Roots of English offers a straightforward, systematic approach to learning Latin and Greek roots. Used with or without Latina Christiana, it will provide a solid foundation for vocabulary studies. resources related to this review:

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