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Promised Land Diaries Series

From Baker Books

Reviewed by Carly Robinson

Purchase details: Promised Land Diaries, published by Baker Books. List price: $10.99 each. Please support by buying these books using our links shown below.

The Promised Land Diaries series are written in the style of daily diary entries by girls from Bible times. The target age is eight and up. Two in the series were reviewed.

The Peaceful Warrior by Anne Tyre Adams

In The Peaceful Warrior, Persis, a girl living in Israel around 1,200 B.C., decides to help her country in every way she can. After her father consults Deborah, Israel's great judge, prophetess, and military leader, for help, Persis sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night and goes to Deborah with an iron spear as a gift. Deborah appoints Persis her armor bearer in the wars against the Canaanites. The adventure that follows shows how one girl can serve God when called.

Priceless Jewel at the Well by Anne Tyre Adams

When Alisah, a girl of Canaan, is six, she goes to the funeral of Abraham and meets Rebekah, Isaac's wife. Alisah becomes Rebekah's nurse maid and has many adventures that teach us the lesson of obeying God's call.

Recommendation: The Promised Land Diaries will be a good addition to Old Testament Bible study, because they tell about daily life in Bible times -- what people ate, how people lived, and what they used for weapons. I found The Peaceful Warrior to be more exciting and interesting. The books were quick and easy to read. resources related to this review:'s History Section where you will find many "living" history resources!
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About the Reviewer

Carly Robinson, at the time of this review, is a homeschooled eleven-year-old girl who enjoys to be with horses, write stories and poems, and, in the summer, go to the neighborhood swimming pool. She loves to read, and as her mother has many books,is constantly buried in one of them.

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