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Pajama School

by Natalie Wickham

Reviewed by Tory

In her book, Pajama School, Natalie Wickham has written a delightful story full of details of her experiences as a homeschool student.  Don't let the name fool you. This is not another "how to homeschool" book. While Natalie is studious, she is also much too busy to stay at home in her pajamas!


Whether she's teaching piano, traveling, or planning activities for The Children's Institute, she prayerfully considers her role in leading others to Christ. Natalie has a heart for the Lord and seeks His will above all else.


If you've ever wondered about a homeschool student being socialized, or being able to succeed in the "real world," meeting Ms. Wickham through the pages of her book will put your mind at ease.

Recommendation: Pajama School is best suited for homeschooled students in middle school and older. It can serve as inspiration to reluctant homeschooled pre-teens or as encouragement to all homeschoolers. Visit the author's website at resources related to this review:'s All About Homeschooling Section
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