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My Mommy, My Teacher

by Johannah Bluedorn

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: My Mommy, My Teacher by Johannah Bluedorn. Hardcover, $18. Published by Trivium Pursuit. Please support by buying this program from our ChristianBookDistributors link or Amazon affiliate link.

My Mommy, My Teacher is an "easy-reader" storybook about a rural homeschooling family. Written and illustrated by Johannah Bluedorn, a homeschooling graduate, the book supports the type of homeschooling that the Bluedorn family espouses. The story is told from the point of view of the seven-year-old daughter who gives a narrative of one of their days. Chores, farm work, reading of literature, Bible studies and prayer, game playing, and homemaking activities are among the activities mentioned.

Recommendation: The charming illustrations make this book appealing for girls especially. Many families use this as a read-aloud to introduce the idea of homeschooling to their pre-schoolers. If you have enjoyed the Bluedorns other materials, you are sure to like this book. resources related to this review:'s Preschool Section for teaching ideas, links, crafts, and more!
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