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Introductory Logic for Christian & Home Schools

by James B. Nance and Douglas J. Wilson

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Introductory Logic by Douglas J. Wilson and James B. Nance. Fourth Edition. Large paperback student text ($29, 249 pages), paperback answer key ($20, 147 pages), and paperback test booklet ($10). Published by Canon Press. Please support by buying this program from our Christian Book Distributors link or Amazon affiliate link.

Also see the review of the Third Edition.

James Nance reorganized and revised Introductory Logic in the Fourth Edition, first published in 2006. The program provides a wealth of basic information to give the student a firm foundation in logic. Introductory Logic covers informal logic (terms, statements, fallacies) and one aspect of formal logic, categorical deduction.

The text is formatted in a way that helps understanding. The thirty-six lessons are brief, covering a small range of topics. Key points, definitions, and "Thinking Deeper" questions appear in the margins to bring out what is important. Each lesson ends with a summary and a number of exercises.

Canon Press offers support materials to make teaching logic easy for homeschooling families. James Nance teaches the complete course on DVD. His step-by-step presentation of the material in the text is easy-to-understand and very clear. The DVD is a very good quality video.

Eight tests and a final exam (and their answers) are included in the Test Booklet. The Answer Key has detailed responses and explanations for every exercise in the text.

Introductory Logic is written from a Reformed Christian perspective, and most of the exercises and examples reflect the authors' faith.

Recommendation: Introductory Logic Fourth Edition provides homeschooling families with a non-threatening way to learn logic. The text is straightforward, and many students could do the program without parental assistance. Busy homeschooling parents will be particularly happy with the DVD's, which truly allow the student to learn on his own, but families who want to learn logic together will LOVE the DVD's. resources related to this review:'s Classical Education Section
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