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The Hidden Choir

by Carly Robinson

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: The Hidden Choir CD, $10.00. Available from The Hidden Choir. (Link not working as of June 2008.)

The Hidden Choir is a CD that will improve singing skills! Professionals sing four well-known and loved hymns in four-part harmony; "Holy, Holy, Holy," "The Doxology," "Fairest Lord Jesus", and "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross." Each song consists of six tracks on the CD. In the first track, the voices are combined to demonstrate the complete song. The next four tracks are the four harmony parts; soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. The last track is the piano accompaniment. Users should find which part they are most comfortable with, and learn that part by singing along. Users may then practice it on their own using the piano accompaniment track. After that, the group can begin singing their parts together to form the whole song.

Recommendation: I love this CD. It is easy to use, inexpensive, and fun!! It is perfect for any size group, since one or more people can sing each part. The Hidden Choir is a wonderful way to improve musical skills while spending quality time with the family!! resources related to this review:'s Music Resources Section for help teaching and appreciating music!
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