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Hand that Rocks the Cradle

by Nathaniel Bluedorn

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Hand that Rocks the Cradle, 2008 edition. Paperback, $15. Published by Trivium Pursuit. Please support by ordering this book through our Amazon link.

Nathaniel Bluedorn begins with a persuasive essay on the benefits of reading aloud and the importance of the "healthy mental exercise" of reading over the "less mentally exerting road" of television. He recommends avoiding abridged books and "light reading" with simple grammar; rather, he suggests that families should focus on good classics. Over 400 books are listed alphabetically by author with all having at least a one-line summary. Each description includes a brief synopsis, timeframe of the story, setting, copyright date, reading level, and some personal notes about the Bluedorn family's reaction to the book. Books are categorized by subject in the back of the booklet.

The 2008 edition of Hand that Rocks the Cradle is a 4.5" x 9" paperback book with large, easy-to-read print. More books are reviewed in this edition than in previous ones. resources related to this review:

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