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Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children

by Penny Gardner

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children by Penny Gardner. 48 pages, spiral bound, $6.95 Published by Penny Gardner. Please support by buying this program from our Amazon affiliate link.

Penny Gardner, author of Charlotte Mason Study Guide, offers a Charlotte Mason approach to handwriting in her book, Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children. While the book is directed to children, Mrs. Gardner notes that she did not learn italics until, as an adult, she wanted to improve her handwriting.

Mrs. Gardner begins by highlighting the difference between this book and other handwriting methods. Charlotte Mason believed that a topic such as handwriting should be taught once, and copywork chosen by the child should be used for practice, thus forming the child's "book of mottos" out of a simple notebook.

After a brief introduction, the book works through basic italic writing in fourteen lessons. The copy work concept is then described and examples are provided. The next ten lessons teach cursive italics, and again, copy work examples are shown. Four pages of suggested quotes from famous poets, the Bible, and historical figures are given to use in the "book of mottos." Mrs. Gardner ends the guide with some ideas to vary copy work.

Recommendation: Penny Gardner has created a simple, yet effective, method to learn italics handwriting. Even if you do not choose to teach your child italics, this guide has excellent ideas on how to make handwriting instruction more pleasant. At $6.95 suggested retail, Italics, Beautiful Handwriting for Children offers great value for homeschooling parents. resources related to this review:'s Charlotte Mason and Classical Education Section's Language Arts Resources Section
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