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For the Temple

By G.A. Henty
Audiobook Recording by Jim Hodges

Reviewed by Stuart Robinson

Purchase details: For the Temple, MP3 format audio recording, $25. Available from Jim Hodges Audio Books. Please support by buying this book using our Christian Book Distributors link.

This audio book, For the Temple, is set in Palestine in the time of the revolt against Roman authority in AD 70. The main character, John, is a boy of about sixteen who lives by the Lake of Galilee. After a storm brings John and his soon-to-be wife onto the same ship as the governor, Josephus, his life changes from a quiet farm existence to one of action and peril. As the Romans approach, the governor turns traitor and the people are left without a leader. John makes many marvelous escapes from places where there were no survivors. After this he is looked upon as someone who is specially favored by God. John gathers a band and harasses the Roman army, and finally leads his band to Jerusalem where he fights For the Temple, finding out on the way about Jesus Christ.

This G.A Henty audio book, read by Jim Hodges, is in MP3 format, meaning that it can be played on your computer or an MP3 player, but not on your regular CD player. Mr. Hodges reads in a distinct and very easy to understand voice.

RECOMMENDATION: For the Temple is a very enjoyable book for teenage boys and girls. This book is extremely exciting and will hold your attention for hours. For the Temple can also be used as reading material for any Jewish history studies. resources related to this review:'s Language Arts Resources Section for tips on teaching reading and more!
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