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Fear Not, Joseph
A Story of Christmas

By Julie Stiegemeyer
Illustrated by Cheri Bladholm

Review by Martha Robinson

Fear Not, Joseph, A Story of Christmas By Julie Stiegemeyer. Illustrated by Cheri Bladholm. Hardcover, 32 pages, $12.99. Published by Concordia Publishing House. Please support by buying this book from our Christian Book Distributors link or our Amazon link.

Fear Not, Joseph is a retelling of Christ's story from the Annunciation to His birth. What makes this book different is that it is written from Joseph's perspective. Using Scripture as her guide, the author, Julie Stiegemeyer, adds the dialogue that Joseph and Mary could have had and expresses many of Joseph's feelings. The illustrations are realistic and use rich, dark colors.

Recommendation: Fear Not, Joseph adds a new element to the Christmas story. With this book and a little help from an adult, young boys can view Joseph as a role model father, a man of principle and faith whom they can emulate. resources related to this review:'s Holiday Page with crafts, cooking, links, and more!

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