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Clean 'n Flip

by Jennie von Eggers, M.J. Flanagan, and Dena Wood

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Clean 'n Flip books by Jennie von Eggers, M.J. Flanagan, and Dena Wood. Published by Trigger Memory Systems. Spiral bound.Please support by buying this book using our Christian Book Distributors link or our affiliate link with Trigger Memory Systems.

The authors of Times Tales offer the Clean 'n Flip books to help children in families of all sizes to get organized around the home. The books are approximately five inches by 8 inches and spiral-bound so they lay flat when open. Each page may be written on with a dry erase marker and re-used multiple times. Two books were provided for review:

  • Bedroom Cleaning: This book gives simple, step-by-step instructions to organize a bedroom, using four laundry baskets and a trash can. The final pages of the book have room to write extra jobs for each day of the week.
  • Zone Cleaning: This book includes a step-by-step set of instructions to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Each "zone" (a room) is treated separately and tasks specific to that room are broken into daily chores or once a week chores. Parents may write in a specific time for the zone work and may also add addtional jobs for each day.

Recommendation: The Clean 'n Flip series is beautiful in its simplicity and will prove to be incredibly effective for families who implement it. Busy homeschooling moms can assign tasks at the beginning of the week and hold inspection daily when Dad comes home or at some other time. Children will feel more responsible using the Clean 'n Flip books, and the house will be cleaner! resources related to this review:'s Homemaking Section Ideas for being frugal, cooking, and much more!
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