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Book of Roots

by Paul O'Brien

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: The Book of Roots by Paul O'Brien. Please support by buying this book from our Christian Book Distributors link or our Amazon affiliate link.

The Book of Roots, a supplement for use with Latina Christiana I, is designed to help the student increase his vocabulary through the study of Latin. Unlike standalone roots programs, The Book of Roots adds to the study of Latin grammar, rather than taking its place.

Twenty-five lessons up to seven pages long correspond to Latina Christiana lessons. A page has columns with the Latin root, the definition of the root, English derivatives, and the definitions of the derivatives. Below these columns are grammar questions and exercises that help the student understand the meaning of each word. On some pages, historic anecdotes add interest to the roots and relate them to words with non-Latin origins.

A complete key with all questions and answers appears in the book. All Latin words and derivatives are collected in one list in the Advanced Reference in the back of the book. Free quizzes are available on-line from Memoria Press.

Recommendation: The Books of Roots offers a straightforward method for the study of Latin roots in conjunction with the study of Latin grammar using Latina Christiana I. This program will show students a tangible and practical reason for studying Latin: a huge increase in vocabulary that will lead to higher standardized test scores. The Book of Roots will be particularly valuable for middle and high school students starting on Latin studies with Latina Christiana I. Unfortunately, The Book of Roots is not reproducible. Because the answers are right behind the text portion, some families may find a challenge with children who have the urge to peek. resources related to this review:

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