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Syllabus for Henle Latin I

by Laura Berquist

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Syllabus for Henle Latin I, by Laura Berquist, comb-bound paperback, 74 pages, $35. Available from Please support by buying this program from our Amazon affiliate link.

Laura Berquist, author of Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum, has created a day-by-day syllabus to assist in using Henle Latin First Year. Mrs. Berquist provides several options for study.

  1. Stretching study of Henle Latin First Year over two years. These plans are referred to as Latin 1A and Latin 1B.
  2. Completing all of Henle Latin First Year in one year but only doing the exercises that Father Henle designated as "essential." This plan is referred to as "Essential Latin I."
  3. Finishing Latin 1A over the first year and moving on to Henle Latin Second Year. This plan is one of the ways that Father Henle recommended doing his course.

After discussing the amount of time to be spent daily on Latin and giving the parent a few ideas for organization and teaching, Mrs. Berquist lays out the 1A, 1B, and Essential plans, assuming a four-day, 32-week year. Thirteen quizzes and two final tests are included along with their answer keys. Six full-page charts on declensions, conjugations, and verbs complete the syllabus.

Recommendation: While certainly not required to use Henle Latin First Year, Laura Berquist's syllabus will save the homeschooling parent considerable planning time. Most parents will consider the purchase price to be a good investment in time saved.

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