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Behold Now Behemoth

Volume 1, Last of the Leviathans

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: Behold Now Behemoth (DVD, 35 minutes, $14.99) Produced by Praxinoscope LLC.

Behold Now Behemoth is a thirty-five minute video that offers an alternative, Christian-based explanation to evolution and the traditional secular theories about dinosaurs. Illustrated with outstanding quality computer-generated graphics, the film brings iguanodon, tyrannosaurus rex, and other giants of the past to life. Using evidence from the fossil record, Behold Now Behemoth gives proof that the Bible's record of a giant flood is the way that the majority of the dinosaurs perished. It also suggests that some of these creatures continued to exist after the flood and could have been the dragons of folklore.

Again using the fossil record, it shows how the theory that people evolved from other animals is not supported by the facts. Throughout the film, the point is made that the facts should not try to be fit into the theory, but rather the theory should be based upon facts.

Behold Now Behemoth is accompanied by an original score by Daniel Godsil. The music, a combination of real instruments and computer-generated sound, adds tremendously to the effect of the video.

Recommendation: Behold Now Behemoth is an enjoyable and interesting video that contradicts much of what is taught in our schools and spoken of in our media. Christian families will particularly like the video because it fully supports the truths of the Old Testament. The animation is amazing, and the music is excellent. The movie itself, while presenting its suppositions in a straightforward, understandable manner, raises more questions than it answers. A guide with references for further study would solve this issue. Behold Now Behemoth will be a positive addition to middle- and high school level studies of evolution, creationism, dinosaurs, and Old Testament. resources related to this review:'s Science section
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