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The Animated Stories from the New Testament, "He Is Risen"
Video and Workbook

by NEST Family Entertainment

Reviewed by Carly Robinson

Purchase details: The Animated Stories from the New Testament, He Is Risen. DVD and workbook, $29.95. Produced by NEST Entertainment. Please support by buying this set using our Amazon affiliate link. The Animated Bible Classics series is similar and available from Christian Book Distributors as a set or individually -- He Is Risen.

He is Risen, one of the many videos in The Animated Stories from the New Testament series, tells the inspiring story of Jesus Christ's resurrection and ascension to Heaven. This thirty-minute, animated production begins with Jesus' death, and continues through His entombment, His appearance to Mary and the apostles, and His resurrection. Bonus features include an Adventure Quiz, and a section that lists the other videos in the series, with their stories and principles. In addition, this DVD can be viewed in English or Spanish, with subtitles in either language.

The Resource and Activity Book is a fun workbook of games, puzzles, and coloring pages relating to the video. The workbook is divided into three levels of difficulty to fit a wider range of ages. Answer keys and Scripture references are located in the back of the book, as well as two "Certificates of Achievement" for completing the curriculum. All pages are reproducible.

Recommendation: The Animated Stories from the New Testament curriculum would make a wonderful Bible study, especially around Easter time. The animation and cartoonish characters will be sure to captivate kids' attention! While the workbook appears to be geared towards younger children, its several difficulty levels allow older students to use it as well. In addition, by using the bi-lingual option, parents could use this program as part of language studies. Whether used for school, worship, or just entertainment, kids will love The Animated Stories from the New Testament! resources related to this review:

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