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All Through the Ages

by Christine Miller

Reviewed by Martha Robinson

Purchase details: All Through the Ages by Christine Miller. Paperback, 318 pages, $27.95. Published by Nothing New Press. Please support by buying this book from our Christian Book Distributors link

In All Through the Ages Christine Miller draws from a host of publishers, curricula, book lists, and her own experience to create a huge list of "living" books for history, geography, science, and the arts study. The book begins with suggestions on how to use the book, but more importantly, recommendations as to how to teach history chronologically through twelve years of homeschool using a literature approach. Mrs. Miller also points out the method for and benefit of studying "great books" with older children and as an adult. She summarizes Mortimer Adler's technique for reading a book.

All Through the Ages is divided into five sections. Chronological history is first. Beginning with a "young earth" view of creation, the topics progress in detail through history to the "modern era," 1945 to 2000. Each section is broken into overview of the era, specific events, culture, biography, historical fiction, and literature, by reading level. Mrs. Miller frequently adds excerpts from books in the section to give a flavor for that time frame.

Geography comes next. A list of living books suitable for an introduction to geography is followed by an alphabetical list of countries and books listed in the same categories mentioned above.

The history of science and the arts is the next sections. Science has the subtopics of creation science and science in the ancient world, sixteenth century, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, nineteenth century, and twentieth century. The arts has only two subtopics: visual arts and music.

The "great books" section is the final one. It is broken into "History of the Great Discussion," "History of Western Literature," "History of Western Poetry," and "History of Western Drama." Mrs. Miller is careful to make note of how the Christian tradition fits into the discussion of literature, and she also recommends age ranges for some of the material.

All Through the Ages ends with an alphabetical listing of all books mentioned.

Recommendation: All Through the Ages is an incredible resource. With this book and a library card, a homeschooling parent can easily pull together a rigorous history program that may be used with multiple ages simultaneously. While some of the books mentioned might be out of print, interlibrary loans and Ebay could be used to find them. For a living book approach, All Through the Ages is a must have! resources related to this review:'s History Resources Section for ideas, links, and information!
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