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Curricula and Learning Links
Preschool and Early Elementary

Index Articles on Teaching Preschool

Field Trips by the Letter
Learn the alphabet while doing fun field trips.

Ideas for Teaching Toddlers

Ideas to Keep Preschoolers Occupied When Mom Is Ill

Ideas for Distracting Preschoolers While Teaching Older Children

Low-Cost Lower Elementary Suggestions
By Mary Leggewie. "But I can't afford to homeschool!" Yes, you can! This article tells you how to homeschool elementary ages for under $100 per year.

Thoughts on Preparing Preschool-Aged Children for Being Homeschooled
By Pete and Becky Storz. Advice that is sure to calm the parent who is worried about their young child being ready to start homeschooling.

Dads in Homeschooling: Reading Aloud and Bedtime Stories
By Pete Storz. Ways dad can influence young minds through reading.

Coloring Pages's Worksheet Links page
For many links to on-line coloring pages

Mary Engelbreit Coloring Pages

PDF Coloring Book Links

Suz's Coloring Links
Holidays, Strawberry Shortcake, and other coloring pages.

Interviews on Early Education Topics

Five in a Row Curriculum
An Interview with Steve and Jane Lambert, authors of Five in a Row

Missions and Our Father's World Curriculum
A Question and Answer Session with Marie and David Hazell of Our Father's World. Preschool and Early Elementary Product Reviews

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