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Curricula and Learning Links - Pot Luck Resources

Field Trip Ideas

By The Alphabet

What better way for young children to learn the alphabet that to do field trips for each letter? Combine these trips with activities at home and watch your children's interests and abilities soar!

A - Apple orchard or Aromatherapy Shop
B - Bakery or Bank
C - Cows and Calves (dairy farm) or candy shop
D - Dinosaur exhibit or Dry Cleaner
E - Egg farm or Exotic Pet Shop
F - Fire Station
G - Goat farm or Granite countertop store
H - Hospital or Historical Re-enactment
I - Indian museum or Ice Cream Factory
J - Jungle Gym at park with jam sandwiches or a Junkyard
K - Kid's museum or Krispy Kreme
L - Llama farm or Lumber yard
M - Music (symphony or concert) or Movie Theater
N - Nursing Home or National Weather Service
O - Observatory (tall building or planetarium)
P - Pool (for swimming) or Power Plant
Q - Quilting club or Quiver (archery)
R - Recycling or Radio Station
S - Sanitary Landfill or Sheriff's Office
T - Train station or Truck (an 18 wheeler)
U - Umpire's room (at a Baseball field) or Uniform store
V - Veterinary office or Voting booth
W - Wal-Mart or Walking Tour of historic town
X - X-ray machine (at a hospital or lab)
Y - Yo-Yo competition or Yacht (sailboat)
Z - Zoo or Zeppelin (tour of a blimp)

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