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Curricula and Learning Links
Physical Education, Health, and Safety

Physical Education Resources

Ideas for Physical Education
Creative ideas for what homeschoolers can count as PE. A Advice page.

Games Kids Play A collection of games and jump rope rhymes.

Fun Attic "The Great Game List" gives instructions for many games.

PE Central Physical education lesson ideas (for classroom teachers, but you may still find some useful ideas!)

Sea Cadets Many families use Sea Cadets as a PE credit. Getting fit and staying fit is part of the program! See the website to find a Sea Cadets unit near you.

The President's Challenge The President's physical fitness program. Sign up, track progress, and order awards!


American Ballet Theatre

Ballet Terms Definitions of ballet terms.

Ballet Notes Activities and study guides for ballet from the National Ballet of Canada

New York City Ballet Includes a "Viewing Room" where you can watch clips of the ballets. (Parents, please preview just in case!)


The Ancient Olympics A historic look at athletics!

Health Resources

Personal Hygiene 101 from a Christian perspective.

Books for Sex Education with a Christian Perspective

Preparing for Adolescence by James Dobson
So You're About to Be a Teenager: Godly Advice for Preteens on Friends, Love, Sex, Faith and Other Life Issues by Samuel and Rebecca Rainey
The Story of Me by Stan Jones. Picture book
Before I Was Born by Carolyn Nystrom. For ages 5-8
What's the Big Deal?: Why God Cares About Sex by Stan Jones. For ages 8-11
Facing the Facts: The Truth About Sex And You by Stan Jones. For ages 11-14.
Why Boys and Girls Are Different by Jane Graver. For ages 3-5.
Where Do Babies Come From? by Jane Graver. For ages 6-8.
How You Are Changing by Jane Graver. For ages 9-12.
Sex and the New You by Richard Bimler. For ages 11-14.
Love, Sex, and God by Bill Ameiss. For ages 14-young adult. Reviews of Health and Fitness Books

Safety Resources

Family Disaster Preparedness Prepare and Stay Aware! What to do in case of hurricanes, tornadoes, and more.
Home Fire Safety Interactive site about home safety.
Ready for Kids Disaster Preparedness from the Department of Homeland Security

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