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Curricula and Learning Links - Modern Languages

Modern (spoken) Languages Resources

General Foreign Language Links

Choosing Which Language to Study and Which Program to Use
A Advice page

Alta Vista's BabelFish Translation Site Translate text into just about any language.

Foreign Language Learning Center Select from Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish (Latin America, Mexico, Spain).

Hello-World World Languages for Children of all ages. Includes English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Latvian, Guarani, Turkish, Greek, Japanese, and Tagalog.

Ignite the Fire Links to free courses for many languages including French, German, Spanish, Latin, Russian, Welsh, Dutch, Gaelic, Italian, Hawaiian, Japanese. Fee-based language learning site that offers a free language course periodically. Offers English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Rosetta Stone Computer-based, foreign language program. The teacher may set up the program in many ways, but the idea is that the student sees four choices, hears a word or sentence, and chooses the right one. The student may also see the written words if desired. The system may also be set up for the student to speak into the microphone and see if his accent matches the speaker in the program. This program is also a substantial investment, but it guarantees results. Used by the State Department to train diplomats, Rosetta Stone is available in almost every language on the planet. Please use this link to visit and buy from Rosetta Stone and support

Yamada Language Center Links to language related sites and email lists.


French in Action Free video lessons. (You must register.)

French Language Course Free! Intended to allow you to understand written French (newspapers, articles,magazines, signs on the road during your next trip in France, etc.) and to write a letter to a French friend or correspondent.


German for Travellers Some free lessons and others for a charge.


Russian lessons, on-line and free! from Russian Today. You can monitor your progress, set bookmarks, and take tests.


A Nonsense Rhyme to Help Remember Spanish Verbs

Destinos: An Introduction to Spanish Free video lessons. (You must register.)

English and Spanish: Vocabulary lists, flashcards, word searches, and worksheets.

Learn Spanish A free online tutorial.

Learn Spanish Another free on-line tutorial

Primera Escuela

Spanish Grammar Exercises Free site with lots of exercises to learn Spanish.

Sign Language

Sign Writing Site Sign Languages are now written languages! Learn more here.

SIGNhear Learn American Sign Language free.


A Welsh Course Course suitable for beginners. Foreign Language Product Reviews

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