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Curricula and Learning Links - Hobbies

Everyone can learn through a hobby. By trying different hobbies, young people (and their parents!) can find an activity that relaxes them and can bless others! Here are some hobbies of message board participants. If you have an interesting hobby that could be added here, please leave a message for us on the comment page.

Cross-stitching by Heather C.

Cross Stitching Hand Towels by Shelly C.

Geocaching by Patti P.

Farming by Martha R.

Horse Trail Riding and Camping by Kysa G.

Machine Quilting and Embroidery by Allie H.

Quilting by Donna P.

Scrapbooking by Stacy K.

Stamping by Laurajean

Urban Gardening by Pam P. Reviews Associated with Hobbies

Review of Catch the Sewing Bug
Review of Stitches & Pins