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Curricula and Learning Links - High School

Homeschooled Student Graduation

Ideas to Make Graduation Special

Marcelyn: Our son graduated in Dec. of '96. He wanted to have a dinner for all our friends. We cooked chicken fried steak for everyone.... it was fun. We had about sixty people show up. After we ate, my oldest daughter and a friend sang a duet, and then my husband spoke about our son and "graduated" him. Nothing fancy, more fellowship than anything.

Our oldest daughter graduated in May of '98. She plays classical piano, and one of the things she had to do for her piano class was give a concert. She decided to give her concert and have her graduation at the same time. She had a thirty minute concert (held at our church on the nice grand piano) and afterwards we had snacks and desserts. My husband once again stood before the crowd and spoke and "graduated" our daughter.

Our next child graduated in May of 2000. We were moving to Iowa a week later and so it was also a going away party for our daughter and family. On top of that it was the same day our son graduated from the Junior college. We let our daughter choose what type of celebration it should be. She chose to have a dinner also. We hired someone to cook brisket for us and we had a brisket meal. As with the other times, my husband spoke and "graduated" our daughter.

The real thing they remember though is the words their father said to them. For all three he recited from memory Psalms 1:1-3, changing the word man to woman for our daughters. He then read Scripture that he felt God had given him for that child and basically affirmed them in front of the whole crowd. He told them how proud he was of them and how he was pleased at the man or woman of God they were becoming. He then would pray over them asking anyone else who wanted to pray to also pray for our child. It was an awesome time.

I don't think it was the ceremony, but it was the fellowship and the presence of God that made the graduations special. As you can see, none of them were real fancy or organized, but they were SO good.

FLDonna: I asked my daughters what they want to do. There were lots of options. Both wanted to graduate with our state group. They went through all the activities that were offered that weekend (which was the same weekend as the convention). The next day, we had a cookout at our home and invited family and friends. I set up a table each time for them with pictures, their certificates, awards, etc.

Mary L.: I've always thought of a group graduation because there are enough kids up here to have a group each year. But last year, we were invited to attend the graduation of one girl, whose family we adore. After attending this party, I want to do each kid separately. It was just sooo special. My sister likened it to a bat mitzvah because it was Esther's special day.

Esther played two pieces on the harp, there were prayers, her father spoke quite a while, and there was not a dry eye in the house (including his, but he held up well!). Then they showed a video they'd made of her life--photos from childhood to her graduation. It took about twenty minutes! Amazing when you consider she's one of eight children! Her grandma does scrap booking, and there were three albums of Esther's life on a table where we came in, so we all got to thumb through them. It was such a special time, I just can't put it well in words.

They had cake and punch at the end, and I'd say there were 150 people there or so. The invitation we received was one she'd made up and printed on their computer. I can't remember if they had chips or snacks or anything--I always remember cake!

Jan B.: We printed up a Graduation Certificate for our son, and had the pastor at our church say a few words on the importance of education and God. Then my husband and I both said a few words about our homeschooling endeavors. My son then gave a small speech. We presented him with the certificate, that we had gotten the pastor to sign as well as us signing it. Then we had refreshments and fellowship. Quiet, but with son's friends and family all around. It was nice.

Creating a Diploma

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