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Curricula and Learning Links - Geography

Geography Crafts

Create A Papier Mache Globe

This project is easy and fun, but very educational!

Materials needed:

Plain white paper (computer or butcher paper)


  1. Inflate balloon and tie off end.
  2. Make papier mache glue. (recipe below)
  3. Tear newspaper into strips about one inch wide and eight to twelve inches long.
  4. MAKE SURE GLUE IS COOL ENOUGH SO NO ONE GETS BURNED! Pull one strip of newspaper through the glue, wipe off excess, and stick the strip to the balloon.
  5. Continue applying strips (crossing them in opposite directions) until you have two layers in all areas.
  6. Set the balloon in a dry place to dry. This may take one to several days depending on your climate.
  7. Repeat the process of making glue and gluing newspaper strips on, and drying until the shape feels solid, rather than squishy. Usually four or five applications will do it.
  8. FINAL LAYER -- Tear the plain, white paper into strips and apply as above, so that all newspaper print is covered.
  9. Let dry thoroughly.
  10. Pencil in the continents and paint them the desired colors. Paint the oceans blue. Mark cities, mountain ranges, lakes, etc. You now have your own globe!

Papier Mache Glue Recipe

Bring one cup water to boil. Whisk in one half cup flour, and stir until thickened. Let cool before using.