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You've come to the right place to learn about homeschooling!

Considering homeschooling? This website has everything you need to get started, plus support and encouragement to keep you going.

  • You CAN successfully homeschool your children!
  • You CAN homeschool on a shoestring budget!
  • You CAN homeschool even if you work, if you're able to be creative!
  • You CAN homeschool as a single parent!
  • You CAN homeschool even if you didn't finish high school.
  • You CAN grow closer to your kids than you ever imagined possible!
  • You CAN be THE influence in your childrens' lives!
  • You CAN teach your child proper socialization skills!
  • And we'll help you here on this website!

Start your exploration of the topic here with answers to frequently asked questions.

Ready to find out what it takes to get started? Read the articles found on our Getting Started page for advice from homeschooling veterans.

Wondering how to convince the nay-sayers (including yourself!) that homeschooling can work? Need some encouragement? Find out how others got started and what keeps them going with these success stories.

Curious about curriculum? Look at options and find resources to homeschool on a shoestring in our Curricula Section. is here to support YOU as you embark on the great adventure of homeschooling! Please explore the site and stop by our message boards so we can get to know you.