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But I Don't Want to Be Homeschooled!

A Letter from Chelsea

The following is a real letter written by a girl who was homeschooled primarily for financial reasons after having been in private school for many years. Two of our message board participants respond.

Dear Momma,

I want to ask you a question. How would it feel if you loved swimming lessons, you loved your teacher and loved your friends, but your mom took you out to teach you to swim at home. How would you feel...sad or happy? Well, that is me but with school. I loved school, but now I hate school! I beg you, just think about me going to school. I won't have any birthday presents if I can just go back to school. Momma, please, just think about it!
Love, Chelsea
P.S. No offense. You are still a good teacher.

Dear Chelsea,

Let's say that you gave a gift to me - a very special gift. This gift is a quilt that you lovingly made with your very own hands.

You spent all of your hard-earned money (you denied yourself candy, ice-cream, special treats all year long just to save enough) on the materials needed for this special gift to me. And not only that, but you spent all of your spare time making it and piecing it together, and working ever so diligently so it would be just right. You spent many, many hours working on this gift when you could have been visiting with friends, or reading a good book, or playing on the computer.

Not only is this a gift of your monetary resources, it is a gift of your time - no - make that a gift of your LIFE - because all of those hours you spent, from working to earn extra money for this gift, to the time spent in creating it are hours of your life that can never be replaced! You wanted me to have something truly special and from your heart. You wanted to please God and honor His commandments by honoring me with this gift. Not only is this quilt something truly beautiful to behold, but it is useful as well.

You even took the extra care and time to wrap it beautifully - with fancy bows and all the trimmings. As you handed it to me, your eyes were lit up with joy and you could hardly stand still in the anticipation of giving such a treasure and memorial of your very life.

But when I opened the wrappings and lifted this beautiful quilt out of the box I sighed deeply and said, "I wish you had used green instead of blue. I really don't care for blue at all. It won't match anything I have." And then I proceeded to fold up the quilt, put it back in the box and slide it under my bed rather than ON my bed where it could be displayed as well as enjoyed by many. Every now and then, I take the box out from under my bed and open it, but I just shake my head and sigh in sorrow and disappointment that it is not what I wanted.

Oh, dear, sweet Chelsea, how would you like that? So very often, the the things that are right, and the things that are best are very seldom the easiest or the most fun, or the most convenient. Life is so short but it is so precious. Grow with me, dear Chelsea.
Response by Laura Brown

Dear Chelsea,

What would you do if you loved swimming and loved the teacher--but your mother knew the pool was contaminated with something toxic. Not very much, not enough to kill you, but enough to make you a little sick for the rest of your life. What if your mother let you take swimming lessons anyway, knowing it would make you a little sick for the rest of your life.

Your mother is doing what is best for all of you, not just your feelings. My daughter was a bit older than you when she had to leave the public school. She did NOT want to. She didn't complain as much as you are, but she was NOT in favor of homeschooling. She is now 19, and in her second year of college. Now she is grateful for her homeschool education. Sometimes parents have to do what they know is right and what God lays on their hearts. Maybe you will not understand until you are an adult yourself.

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