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Homeschooling When the Parent Is Blind

Is It Possible?

How can a mother homeschool her child when the mother is blind? Our Homeschool message board participants share a wealth of ideas!

Lorissa: Where these is a will, there is a way. Books on tapes! Educational videos, homeschool support groups. The mother could do alot during the day with the dd and the father can fill in the blanks when he is home.

Suzi: I think it should be possible. The husband may have to help out in teaching the child recognition of A, B, C's and numbers and to read but once the child had these two things covered he/she can learn alot on his own. Plus the mother will be there to answer questions, explain concepts, and the mother could read to the child from braille story books while the child reads along in the regular.

SharonT.: I am sure she could find something that they both can "see" or they could make ahead. We had raised letters and numbers for my son I got at the school supply store and I also made some out of sandpaper.

Kysa: First, they do make some children's books with BOTH braille and written words. Your nephew needs to inquire at the State Library for the Blind. There should be books they can get on loan that she could be reading to her daughter right now. When they determine the little girl is ready, the alphabet can be taught with plastic magnetic letters. Mom can "feel" them and the little girl can see them. Mom can hand her the letters and say the sounds that go with the letter. At first, mom will probably want the little girl to read the books that are in both braille and written. This will VASTLY limit the selection, but the little girl can read other books with dad at night. When she is ready for more schooling than that, they can do unit studies with books on tape, OR mom can read braille books to her, and the little girl can read to momma. As I see it, writing will be the only tough part, although mom can teach her block printing at a large size when she is little.

Allie: Books on tape are WONDERFUL resources, and being blind she has access to a national library of them, along with a free tape player. She can order whatever she wants. Hubby could pick up all KINDS of children's tapes at the library..libraries seem to have discovered how popular they are. Resources Related to This Article

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