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Homeschooling Support Index

Opinions and Articles to Support Your Homeschooling Efforts

Curricula and Materials

Can't I Put Science Off Until College?
by Jay L. Wile, Ph.D. Tells why science is crucial for your child.

Cut Your Homeschool Budget
Ways to Reduce Your Homeschool Expenses

How to Survive a Homeschooling Convention
By Tammy Montel. Straightforward advice to keep you sane in the convention-jungle!

On Choosing Curriculum
by Tammy Montel. Easy-to-follow advice on choosing curricula.

Low-Cost Lower Elementary Suggestions
By Mary Leggewie. "But I can't afford to homeschool!" Yes, you can! This article tells you how to homeschool elementary ages for under $100 per year.

The Cost of Homeschooling
Discover how much it costs to homeschool for some very different families.

The Resourceful Homeschooler
By Pete Storz. Places to look for materials and resources to help with your homeschooling.

Thoughts on Preparing Preschool-Aged Children for Being Homeschooled
By Pete and Becky Storz. Advice that is sure to calm the parent who is worried about their young child being ready to start homeschooling.

Why Should I Make My Child Take Science? He Wants to Be a Concert Violinist!
by Jay L. Wile, Ph.D. The importance of science for the non-science-oriented.

Dads in Homeschooling

Dads in Homeschooling: Taking an Active Role
By Pete Storz. Even though Mom may do the majority of the homeschooling, Dad's participation and support is crucial to the successful homeschool. Find out why in this article.

Dads in Homeschooling: Reading Aloud and Bedtime Stories
By Pete Storz. Ways dad can influence young minds through reading.

Getting Organized and Scheduling

Making Lesson Plans
How to get organized teaching multiple grade levels.

Scheduling Your Homeschooling Day
Ideas for getting everything done.

Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool
Ideas for organizing your books, notebooks, folders, and more.

Parables and Parody

A Brief Journey Through Ought-to-stan
by Pete Storz. A comedic look at the pitfalls of homeschooling and the guilt it can produce.

Declaration of Homeschooling Independence
A reminder of the importance of maintaining our freedoms and supporting other homeschoolers.

Mr. Artfellow
By Tammy D. Drennan. A discussion of socialization between the mom of Hildegard Happy, a homeschooler, and Mr. Artfellow, director of the museum where Hildy volunteers.

Mr. Pointy Nose
By Tammy Drennan. Government official, Mr. Pointy Nose, comes to call on a homeschooling family to see for himself how "un-socialized" they are.

Mr. Pointy Nose Returns
By Tammy Drennan. When Mr. Pointy Nose retires, a new truant officer visits the family and takes them to court.

The Fourteen Days of Homeschool
Author Unknown. Sing along to the tune of the "12 Days of Christmas."

Welcome to Newbieland
By Pete Storz. A comedic look at the trials of a new homeschooler.

Support and Encouragement

Answering the Nay-sayers
What to say to those who tell you that you are not "qualified" to teach your children.

Are You Educated Enough to Educate Your Child?
By Jay L. Wile, Ph.D.

Back to Homeschool
By Pam Powers. What to do when those back to school ads start!

Beyond Sheltering
By Pete Storz. The author of this article explores whether Christian homeschooling parents shelter their children.

Books to Encourage You on Your Homeschooling Journey
Balm for the burned-out parent's heart!

Bringing Creativity to Life in Your Children
Find out what kills creativity and how to increase creativity in your children.

Celebrating the First Day of School
Ways to start off a new school year with some fun!

Distracting Pre-schoolers
Ideas for keeping little ones busy while you work with older children.

Falling Back Into the School Trap
by Chautona. Some thoughts about "keeping up" with everyone else.

Homeschooling Burnout
Advice for situations when grief, stress, hardships, and obligations begin to take a toll on your homeschooling.

Homeschooling Year-Round
Opinions to help you decide whether to homeschool year-round or to follow the public school schedule.

How Can Churches Show Support For Homeschooling Families?
Ideas to share with your church leadership.

Homeschooling Style: How Much Structure Should You Have?
Structured and pre-planned, unschooling, or something in the middle...

How Then Should We Educate?
by Kysa Gilkerson. Tips on How To Prepare Your Child for the Real World

Inspirational Quotations
On the Topic of Education

Socialization and Christian Children
by Lorissa. Discussion of the difference between socialization and fellowship.

The Other "Great" Homeschooling Verse
By Pete Storz. The Lord's commands to us regarding homeschooling and the consequences of not heeding His Word.

What About Me? Overworked Moms and Homeschooling Burnout
A page of encouragement for moms who are overwhelmed by their roles as wives, mothers, teachers, chauffeurs, maids, ...

Support for Parents of High Schoolers

Please see our High School section

Motivating Reluctant Homeschoolers

But I Don't Want to Be Homeschooled!
A letter from a child who desperately wants to go back to school and heartfelt responses.

Help! My Teen Has Been Taken By Aliens!
Support for Parents of Teens Who Have Lost Their Focus

Making School Fun
Sneaking Up on Reluctant Learners

Support for Parents Whose Children Don't Want to Be Homeschooled
Ideas to handle the whining child or teen who wants to go to classroom school.

The Reluctant Learner
Ideas for Motivating Your Children

Special Situations

Homeschooling an All Boy Family
"Boy, Oh Boy!", how mom can be successful homeschooling sons

Homeschooling an Only Child
Answers for those who wonder if their "only" will miss out on social opportunities by being homeschooled.

Homeschooling When the Parent Is Blind
Ideas for homeschooling children of a blind parent.

Single Parent Homeschooling - CAN DO!
Basics for homeschooling as a "solo".

See the Testimonies Section for stories of parents who homeschool successfully despite health issues.

Homeschooling Support Groups and Co-ops

Co-ops: Pros and Cons
The good, the bad, and the ugly of co-ops.

Forming a Homeschool Support Group
By Pete Storz with help from Mary Leggewie

I Need a 25-hour Day!
by Pete Storz. Keeping life as a group leader from overwhelming you.

Starting a Co-op
by Debi. All you need to know to get started with a co-op group!

Spreading the Word About Homeschooling

How to Host a Homeschool Tea: A Grassroots Activist Idea
by Mary Leggewie. How YOU can help promote homeschooling in your local area.

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