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Beginning Homeschooling Index Opinions and Ideas About Getting Started with Homeschooling

Answering Common Objections to Homeschooling
by Pete Storz. Here is the help you need to everyone's reasons that you shouldn't homeschool.

Books to Help You Get Started with Homeschooling
Suggestions from's veteran homeschoolers.

Christian Children in Public Schools - Missionaries or Prey?
By Pete Storz

Getting Started
By Pete and Becky Storz. A few simple tips to get you started homeschooling.

Homeschooling: Getting Started
by Mary Leggewie. Basic information to start your own research

How To Get Started in Homeschooling
by Eileen Spatz. An overview of what homeschooling is and how to do it.

Looking at the Benefits of Homeschooling
by Pete and Becky Storz. Why should you homeschool? The author breaks down the many reasons to help you decide.

Questions to Ask Christian Parents of Government-Schooled Children
Perhaps these parents are asking why you homeschool. Turn the tables with these questions.

Reasons to Homeschool
Homeschooling parents tell you why they started homeschooling. You may be surprised by what they have learned!

What If Your Husband Is Opposed to Homeschooling?
Can you still homeschool? Should you? Read this article for ideas.

More Editorials from

Testimonies from New and Veteran Homeschoolers for a dose of inspiration!

Opinions and Ideas About Government and Homeschooling (Index)

Opinions and Articles to Support Your Homeschooling Efforts (Index)