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All articles are presented to stimulate thought and assist Christian families in homeschooling their children. Articles may or may not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the management of

Reasons to Homeschool

Families begin homeschooling for many reasons and continue because they find benefits that they never expected! Below are some reasons that families from's message boards began homeschooling. As you can see their reasons are many and varied!

To guard their hearts/minds from worldly influences. I believe as Christians we're called to stand apart from the world, even as we live in it. I want my kids to have that solid foundation, especially in their early years, before letting others with differing world views, gain influence in their lives. I also feel led by God to do this (sometimes kicking and screaming lol!) and feel it's my duty to abide by His leading. A tailor made education to each of their specific styles of learning and interests comes second, but it's a far second in comparison to my first reason. - Carrie in IL

(1) Keep them from other influences. (2) Want to spend time with my children. (3) Love doing it and feel a huge feeling of accomplishment (like never before). - KimD

(1)To be taught biblical truths and values. To stand up for Christ in a world that knows nothing about Him. (2) To individualize their education to suit their needs and do a much better job than anyone else. (3) To know my children and for them to know me and be able to talk to me about anything. (4) To do the best for them, because I love them. - Toni

We started homeschooling because our poor daughter was burned out in first grade. We continued homeschooling because I loved being with my children, and they enjoyed learning at home. - Ellie

(1:) Keeping bad influences away and not have someone else's view pushed at him. (2) Helping.. I felt that with my child in public school I couldn't help him because I never knew the direction the teacher was wanting them to go. (3) To truly know my child and be able to discuss anything with him. - Ronda

(1) To promote active tactile learning in my children so that they can grow and learn at their own rate and according to the best way for them. (2) To encourage a Christian viewpoint in all they do: work, play, study, etc. (3) To stimulate my children and provide them with opportunities that they wouldn't get at school. - SoCalPam

Initially, our concern was that we did not trust the public school system for academics (ca. 1985). The next attraction for us was the prospect of really close family relationships. After that we came to the realization that the moral junk in public schools was being intentionally encouraged and abetted by the public school system. Realistically, all of these are applications of our love for God and of our God-given responsibilities as parents. - PeteS

I guess our number one reason was that I was feeling a very strong pull to do it. I know it was God's will for our family. I feel very strongly that he wants me to teach his word and how my boys can live for Him first and foremost. Secondly was to protect my children from the hatefulness that goes on in schools which we had experienced last year. Also, I just really want my family to feel a strong connection to one depend on one be friends with one another...that's hard to do when you are away from each other 8 hours a day. Oh, and one final thing (just so I don't sound like I'm not concerned at all with academics)...I do feel that I can give my boys a much richer education than they'd get in school, and I can stop and really help them when they are having a problem with something and not just keep going. - Momto3

(1)Public school tried to label her when she didnt need labeling. (2) Want her to learn what WE want her to learn. (3)To spend more time with her. (4)To have her not be doing homework till midnight like kids in our neighborhood are doing. - Linda

Christian Education that is Individualized. - Heidi in IN

We thought our own public school lives were greatly lacking. We met homeschooled kids when we were in our early marriage and loved them and how they acted and how they could interact so easily with everyone. We can get a lot farther with his education at home. Every day there are new problems in the schools, like shootings and now heroin. - Lorelei

(1) To be the main ones that they watch, see, and learn how to handle life from. (2) The freedom they have to learn in a way different than the "generic" way the schools provide. (3) Being with my kids! - Darla

To disciple my sons to have a real and powerful faith. Academics was a side bonus. - AzKate

Drugs, failure of the system to work. - Teri in AZ

My dd is in 1st grade and caught the bus at 7:40 in the morning and didn't return home until 4:00. Then she had HOURS of homework to do. Dh and I did the math and the children were working more hours than he was! What happened to their childhood? - Candi

I missed my mom during childhood and I didn't want to miss my kids. - forson

Mine changed from academic to religious and character. - Mary Leggewie

I began homeschooling my youngest son due to incidents in our public school. I continue homeschooling because that is where God has led us and told us to continue to be. - Tammy in AL

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