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Government Intervention Index Articles and Opinions about Government and Homeschooling

California Virtual Academies
by Mary Leggewie. A discussion of the author's experience investigating the "school at home" programs offered in California and many other states.

Charter School Seduction
by Mary Leggewie. More on the author's experiences with government "homeschooling" in California. This information applies to every state!

Charter Schools: Gift or Seduction?
by Carolyn Forte. An article that outlines the danger of government "homeschooling" via state-supported virtual academies.

The Cost of Public School
Some former public school families mention the expenses associated with "free" public school.

Give to Caesar What Is Caesar's
by Bonnie J. Horn. A letter of encouragement to Christian mothers of home-educated children.

Home Eating a Threat to Public Kitchens?
States authorize cooking at home! Parody of government intervention in homeschooling.

Mountain Parents Scorn Textbooks
by Davey Porter. Interesting article about the "cleansing" of textbooks for political correctness.

Public Schools Have Been Failing For Years
By Eileen Spatz. Some thoughts on the state of public education

Rebuttal on "Some Words of Concern from Public School Administrators"
by Jay L. Wile, Ph.D. A response to the concern that homeschooling is dangerous for children.

Links to Other Sites

Video Interviews with John Taylor Gatto
On the topics of government, school, history of compulsory education, and more.

Glossary of Education Terms
Very useful list of terms used by school systems.

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Opinions and Ideas About Beginning Homeschooling (Index)

Opinions and Articles to Support Your Homeschooling Efforts (Index)